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marketing solution

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attract millions of frequent flyers

fps by divit is the only payment platform where 12m asia miles members can both earn and spend asia miles. use fps by divit to attract millions of frequent flyers directly to your business.

how does it works?

convert divit miles 1:1 into Asia Miles for travel. convert Asia Miles 1:1 into divit miles for spending

accept fps by divit as a payment option

accept and reward divit miles at your checkout



the loyalty hub

divit partners leading loyalty programmes to help you attract millions of consumers with the rewards they want.

how does it works?

accept fps by divit as a payment option

reward your customers with divit miles

you customers can

  • convert divit miles into loyalty rewards
  • spend divit miles on gift cards; at the divit shop; or with our merchants
  • donate divit miles to our charity partners



flexible marketing tool

divit empowers you with a flexible rewards tool that can be aligned to your strategic objectives. make your marketing budget go further with divit.

how does it works?

accept fps by divit as a payment option

set business rules to reward your customers with divit miles




payment solution

accept secure, low-cost real-time payments

save on card acceptance

fps by divit costs just $2 + 0.5% for each transaction. save on card payments and reward your customers instead

nearly 1m fps transactions are made everyday from over 10m unique accounts



easy integration

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environmental, social, and governance solution

let’s make an instant impact, at zero cost

sustainable payments

with fps by divit, we help you save 2% on credit card payments so that you can reward your customers with divit miles instead. by enabling your customers to donate divit miles to our charity partners: unicef, wwf and feeding hong kong, we can make a positive social impact, at zero cost




grow your business by doing good

as a divit merchant partner, you can use our charity partner logos instore, on your website, and at the checkout. attract millions of consumers, at zero cost




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