how to link or unlink social accounts (Google, Apple, or Facebook) on divit app

what to do:

  1. go to and log into your divit account
  2. once logged in, click “profile” in the bottom navigation
  3. scroll down to click “settings” and then you will see the section of linked social accounts

to link a new social account:

  1. click the “link” button of for the social accounts that you want to link with divit
  2. a popup window will be shown, and then follow the on-screen steps for validation

to unlink existing social account:

  1. click the “remove” button of existing linked social account
  2. click “yes, i want to unlink” to confirm the action

if you have any questions about linking / unlinking your social accounts with divit, please contact us at [email protected] (email)
6270 8800 (whatsapp) for member support.