Terms and Conditions

    1. The 300,000 divit miles giveaway promotion (“Promotion”) is brought to you by Divit Limited (divit) – 20,000 divit miles weekly lucky draw for 13 consecutive weeks and one Grand Prize lucky draw for 40,000 divit miles.
      300,000 divit 里數大激賞活動(“活動”)由 Divit Limited (divit) 舉辦 – 連續13星期每星期20,000 divit 里數抽獎以及一個終極40,000 divit 里數大抽獎。

    2. By participating in this Promotion, participants are deemed to accept these terms and conditions (“T&Cs”).

    3. Entry is open to residents of Hong Kong SAR and divit employees who are divit members. They are subject to the same game rules and the same winning chance as customers.
      香港特別行政區居民及divit 員工,只要是divit會員均可參加。他們遵守與客戶相同的遊戲規則和擁有相同的得獎機會。

    4. The promotion is valid from 14 August 2023 to 13 November 2023, both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period”) and the lucky draw will be conducted every week. Lucky draw date will be listed in Clause 19 below.
      活動推廣期為2023年8月14日至2023年11月13日,包括首尾兩天(“推廣期”),每週抽獎一次。幸運抽獎日期將在下文第 19 條中列出。

    5. The participant (“Participant”) will be eligible for the Entry or Entries if any one of the conditions below are fulfilled:
        1. sign up as a divit member (1 entry)
          註冊成為divit會員 (1次機會)
        2. use FPS by divit as the payment method at any merchant partner (10 entries for every HKD 100 spent in one single order)
          使用 FPS by divit 在任何合作夥伴(單次每消費港幣100元獲得10次機會)

    6. Eligibility is based on receipt by email from divit. Only single receipt will be accepted (i.e. eligibility based on one single transaction). Entries will be carried forward to the lucky draw for grand prize held on 14 November 2023 unless the entry was drawn in the weekly lucky draw.
      資格取決於 divit 的電子憑據。只接受單張電子憑據(單筆交易的資格)。除非抽獎機會於當星期被抽中,否則所有抽獎機會將會被帶到於活動最後一天(2023年11月14日)的終極40,000 divit里數大抽獎。例如,如果客戶在 2023 年8 月14 日使用 FPS by divit 進行付款,所有得到的機會將有資格參加第一輪 抽獎以及終極40,000 divit里數大抽獎除非抽獎機會於當輪被抽中。所有沒有抽中的抽獎機會將會被帶到2023年11月14日的終極40,000 divit里數大抽獎。

    7. The weekly winner will be contacted directly and announced the day after each lucky draw on divit social media platforms (InstagramFacebook)  and the winner lists will be published on 22 November 2023 in South China Morning Post in English and 東方日報 (Oriental Daily News) in Chinese.
      每週得獎者將在每次抽獎後的第一個工作天將獲專人通知並在 divit 社交媒體 ( Instagram, Facebook )上公佈,獲獎名單將於 2023 年11 月 22 日在南華早報(英文版)和東方日報(中文版)公佈。
    8. The prizes will be awarded to winners who are divit members and use FPS by divit for payment (https://app.divit.com.hk/) during the Promotion Period.
      獎品將頒發給得獎者。得獎者需要是divit會員並於推廣期內使用FPS by divit付款。(https://app.divit.com.hk/

    9. Customers do not need to complete a separate registration for the lucky draw. The winners will be contacted via their contact information provided at purchase or sign-up. If the winner cannot be contacted, or unable to comply with T&Cs, divit reserves the right to contact the next winner on the reserved winner list.
      參加者無須另行登記參加抽獎。我們將通過付款或註冊時提供的聯繫信息聯繫得獎者。如果無法聯繫到得獎者,或得獎者無法遵守條款和細則,divit 保留聯繫候補得獎名單上的下一位得獎者的權利。

    10. divit reserves the right to feature the winners’ names, travel photos and/or videos on social media or in other marketing or promotional materials and may make this information available on divit’s social media platforms for promotional purposes. By receiving the prizes, the winner irrevocably agrees to the use of his/her information, photos and/or videos as set out in these terms and conditions.

    11. When claiming the prizes, the winners must provide the required information (including but not limited to mobile phone number) for the purpose of verifying the identity of the divit members.

    12. All entries must be made directly by the person entering the competition and use of a false name or email address will result in disqualification.


    13. No responsibility can be accepted for entries lost, destroyed, or computed or due to computer error in transit.

    14. The prizes are as stated, they are not transferable to another individual and no cash or other alternatives will be offered.

    15. The winners are responsible for arrangements not specifically included in the prizes.

    16. Failure to respond, or failure to meet the eligibility requirement may result in forfeiture of the prize.

    17. Prize must be redeemed by 25 November 2023.
      獎品必須在 2023 年 2023 年11 月 25 日之前兌換。

    18. Full Refund: All tickets associated with the original order will be voided. Partial Refund: The number of entries will be voided corresponding to the value of the refund.
    19. Promotion Period
      Lucky Draw Date
      IG / Facebook Announcement
      IG / Facebook 公佈日期
      Promotion Period
      August 14 – August 20August 21August 22

      20,000 divit miles

      August 21 – August 27August 28August 2920,000 divit miles
      August 28 – September 3September 4September 520,000 divit miles
      September 4 – September 10September 11September 1220,000 divit miles
      September 11 – September 17September 18September 1920,000 divit miles
      September 18 – September 24September 25September 2620,000 divit miles
      September 25 – October 1October 2October 320,000 divit miles
      October 2 – October 8October 9October 1020,000 divit miles
      October 16 – October 22October 23October 2420,000 divit miles
      October 23 – October 29October 30October 3120,000 divit miles
      October 30 – November 5November 6November 720,000 divit miles
      November 6 – November 13November 14November 1520,000 divit miles
      August 14 – November 13 (all entries not drawn in the previous 13 lucky draws)November 14November 15Grand Prize 40,000 divit miles
    20. The English version of these Terms and Conditions shall prevail whenever there is a discrepancy between the English and the Chinese versions.

    21. Trade Promotion Competition Licence No.: 57514-5
      推廣生意競賽牌照號碼 : 57514-5